May 23, 2011

Category: Budgeting

This time, go shopping (in your closet)!

With summer almost here,  it's likely that vacation planning is on your mind, and not to mention some fun events are on your social calendar.  You also love to to dress in the latest look and those shops are beckoning you with gorgeous styles and luring you in with coupons and offers. So you just can't wait to set out on a splurge trip! But wait. Just don't do it for now! Try this instead:  Set up an appointment with yourself to go shopping in your closet. When you do, you will find lots of clothing and accessory items you had forgotten all about.  And chances are, you are swayed by several items in stores right now that look quite like what you already have. Think through and consider your own options.  Perhaps you wish some of those items fit better- and a trip to a good tailor can fix those imperfections without the large outlay in a brand new outfit. Here is a plan of action to create your new updated look with a small but effective budget:


While on your closet spree, you should pull out items of clothing you have bought in the past that don't look perfect.  Try them on and figure out what it would take to make them perfectly good. Most fixes are small enough to cost under $20 or 30 at a tailor. Tailoring will make a once boring piece into something you will wear with excitement.

** Mix it up!

Recently I discovered the value of accessorizing.  With a few inexpensive basic accessories,  a simple dress or ensemble can look so good! Belts, clutches, scarves, brooches and shoes can all add to the pizazz of a look. Don't overdo them as one statement accessory is all you need.  And if you need to stock up on those, visit vintage stores or discount retailers for bargains on items that would enhance your look dramatically.

***Choose trends that are all about you!

While sales andbargains are interesting, the looks that stay are those that resonate with you and essentially also provide the most value for your money. I look at my closet quite often and think of all the cheaper wasteful deals I have bought and rarely wear because they were just deals, but really not for me. If you think of the bigger picture, what you save on a shopping spree is a reasonably large amount. Learnvest's article called Even Chloe Sevigny Saves Money With Vintage Clothing says even "Celebrity style icons like Chloe Sevigny, Nicole Kidman and Alexa Chung don’t get their inimitable style from mindlessly chasing every new trend—and neither should you plunk down serious change for the latest “it” bag". Regardless of where we are in our personal financial goals, even seemingly small savings go a long way in terms of savings and allow us to put money aside for things that mean more - such as a nice vacation, an emergency fund, more money in our 401k, or other splurges that mean a lot to our bottom line.  So next time, go shopping in your own closet and see what steals you come out with!