July 10, 2013

Category: Money Management

Summer Learning

Summer is finally here.  It’s time to let loose and have fun.  But does that mean we should turn our brains off for three months?  Absolutely not.  Learning is a constant process that should always be embraced.  It doesn't have to be about sitting behind a desk, in a classroom all day.  Take a look at some of these great games, projects and outings for you and your kids to participate in.  Not only will they keep their minds sharp for the start of a new school year, they offer an opportunity to interact with each other and spend quality time together. 

Summer Reading 

Reading exercises the brain by building language skills, social skills, concentration, and imagination.  It opens doors to learning about different cultures and people too.  Check out Barnes & Noble’s Summer Reading List to learn about great books for your child to read and how he/she can earn a free book! 

Scavenger Hunt 

Come up with a list of items for your kids to find.  Have them figure out what the items are by solving clues, riddles, math equations and more.  Give them a map to guide them to the items.  Have a starting point with clues, such as how many steps forward or backward, giant steps, baby steps, in what direction, jumping, twisting, turning, or any other silly movements, as they make their way to the end point. 

Plant a Garden 

Bring your kids to a nursery and have them pick out different packets of seeds to plant flowers, vegetables, fruit, etc.  Plant a garden together and learn as you grow. 

Science Experiments 

Check out Kids Science Experiments for fun, hands-on experiments that are simple, safe, and easy to follow.  All you need are basic, everyday materials found around your house.   Summer isn't about taking it easy.  It’s about going on new adventures and exploring different places like the zoo, aquarium, museums and parks.  

These are all wonderful resources that act as teaching tools.  Keep your kids’ minds, bodies and souls yearning for more this summer, with these out of the ordinary activities.