The British Royal Family Tree & Their Riches

The British Royal Family Tree & Their Riches Infographic

For a young Princess Elizabeth in 1952, Kenya was meant to be a trip away from the press and her royal duties — a small respite in paradise. Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Phillip, spent days fishing and photographing the exotic wildlife at the now famous Treetops Hotel. But the trip ended abruptly with news of King George VI’s, Elizabeth’s father, death.

Prior to this trip to Kenya, King George VI’s health had been declining. The stress of World War II and years of smoking prevented him from traveling, which led to Elizabeth spending months traveling as a diplomat, taking her father’s place.

On February 6, 1952, while still in Kenya, Elizabeth succeeded her father as Queen of the United Kingdom, marking the first time in 200 years that a royal ascended to the throne while abroad. After composing herself, a 25-year-old Queen Elizabeth II quickly returned home to take on the monumental task of leading her nation.

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned as queen ever since, nearly 70 years. In her lifetime, she has achieved it all — power, prestige, and perhaps most significantly, wealth.

According to Forbes, the British royal family is now worth over $28 billion; that’s more money than the entire GDP of Iceland. The queen herself is estimated to be worth over $600 million, most of which comes from her investments, jewels, and two castles.

The queen may be sitting comfortably, but how about the other members of the royal family? Sit back, pour yourself a cup of tea, and check out our latest infographic to find out the net worth of your favorite royals. You may be surprised to see who’s at the top.