How to Keep Your Personal Information Safe

ACE Cash Express works hard to keep your personal information safe.  We would like to advise our customers of potentially fraudulent collection emails are circulating which use ACE Cash Express name without our authorization or consent.  A sample of one of these emails is attached here.

ACE Cash Express will never ask you to do any of the following things:

  1. Send urgent or time-sensitive emails requesting you to update and confirm: Login, PIN Number, Social Security Number, or Banking Information.
  2. Request you to send us sensitive information in an email.
  3. Request you to contact us only through emails.
  4. Send you an email that doesn’t originate from, or

With email fraud on the rise, we have compiled some important tips to help protect your valuable information, for this and other potential scams:

  • Deceitful emails often look suspicious.  No legitimate business will contact you from a free email account or ask you to reply to an account that doesn’t have their name after @symbol.  Emails from ACE Cash Express will always originate from, or
  • Beware of Generic Greetings.  Deceitful emails typically use generic greetings such as: “Dear Account Holder”, “Dear Customer”, “Recipient”, “Award Recipient”  This should be your first sign that thousands of other people are receiving this same email. 
  • Fraudulent emails seek personal information.  Beware when companies contact you for the purpose of confirming or updating your login and or password.  If they are a legitimate company and you’re already doing business with them, they will have your info so there’s no need to provide it for them.
  • Deceitful emails often use poor grammar.  Look out for poorly written content and misspelled words.  Legitimate companies go out of our way to employ competent writers who avoid such mistakes.
  • Beware of “Too good to be true”  There is no such thing as get rich quick.  Use common sense.
  • Beware of Downloads and Pop Ups.  Very few websites require downloads to operate properly.  Those that do will usually explain in detail how and what will be downloaded.  Unauthorized downloads can put your computer and personal information at risk.

ACE Cash Express is dedicated to protecting our customer’s financial and personal information.  Since 1968, we’ve been a company built on Integrity, Efficiency and Trust. 

If you are in doubt about the legitimacy of a communication that appears to be from us, please contact us at (888) 753-2384 or

Fraud Alert: 

Recently, ACE Cash Express learned that its name being used to perpetrate a fraud on consumers. The fraud goes as follows: 
  • Offer of a signature loan or cash advance; 
  • The applicant is to wire funds upfront (for example, via MoneyGram or Western Union) as an underwriting fee; 
  • Victims wire the underwriting fee but never get the loan proceeds; 
  • A phone number associated with the scam is 716.226.3952; and 
  • An address associated with the scam is 3526 15th Avenue, Buffalo, NY 76308. ACE does not charge underwriting fees or any fees upfront. 

ACE does not offer any loans in the state of New York and does not have a physical presence in the state of New York. Further, the address is bogus. No one at ACE will ask you to pay a fee before you take out a loan. For more information about ACE’s loan products, please visit our website at

Sample Fraudulent Email