What is the ACE Tax Program?

The ACE Tax Program gives tax professionals two ways to make more money during tax season!

What is the ACE Tax Program? image

Referral Program

The ACE Tax Program is a referral program you can participate in to provide your tax clients with savings opportunities while also allowing you to earn referral commissions when your clients visit ACE for their tax refund cashing services. When servicing your clients, you will provide them with a unique Tax Program Professional code that the client can use when they visit an ACE Cash Express location. When your referred client cashes a tax refund check or withdraws cash from a tax refund debit card with ACE using your code, you will earn 5% - 9% of ACE's fee (based on Tax Program performance tiers and payment method you've selected).  

What's more, as an ACE Tax Program Professional, you could opt-in to be included in ACE’s Tax Professional Search portal. The portal allows customers to find tax professionals in their area using their zip code and to find out about the services offered by the tax professionals. 


In-Lobby Program

Rent space in an ACE store lobby for the entire Tax season and reach new customers! Save money compared to year-round rent and take advantage of this high-traffic time at ACE. Terms and conditions apply.


How Do I Become an ACE Tax Program Professional?

Visit the ACE Tax Program website to register! Anyone who prepares income tax returns for the public or works in a tax preparation office is eligible.

Want to Learn More About the ACE Tax Program?

Get more information about the program here! You can also reach out to ACE at taxprogram@acecashexpress.com for more details.