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The safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees is our top priority. We’ll continue to closely monitor coronavirus (COVID-19) updates at the national and local levels. As needed, stores may adjust hours or temporarily close. You can find the most recent updates regarding stores near you by entering your city and state or zip code in our Store Locator.

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A Recent Message from ACE Cash Express

To our customers,


Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate this unique situation together.  We'd like to update you on the status of store operations. 

Financial services providers, like ACE Cash Express, have been deemed essential public services and will remain open so long as we are safely able to do so. That means making the necessary adjustments to ensure the wellbeing of our employees, customers, and communities.

We want to assure you we have taken precautions to keep you and our store employees safe and healthy.  If you are feeling sick, please stay home. If you are feeling well and do visit our stores, we appreciate you standing at least 6 feet away from other customers for everyone’s safety.

Additional details about ACE Cash Express store locations and updates can be found at www.acecashexpress.com.  For the latest information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s Knowledge Hub.

Our number one priority is protecting you, our employees, and the communities we serve.  Should you prefer or need to stay home, support is also available at 1-877-ACECASH or COVIDCustomerService@acecashexpress.com.  

Any updates about our business operations will be published to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We're working hard to be here for you if you need us.


Thank you,

ACE Cash Express

Access to Financial Services at Home

Many of the convenient services you rely on are available online, including: 

bill pay

Bill Payment options with MoneyGram®

Money Transfers with MoneyGram

debit cards

ACE Elite™ Visa® Prepaid Debit Card

flare account

ACE Flare™ Account by MetaBank®

If you have a loan in one of our stores and you cannot visit a store location, you have options.


In California, Florida, Kansas, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Texas, you can repay the loan you originated in-store by:


  • Visiting any nearby store that is open within the same state to make a payment using cash or a debit card.
  • Making a payment online at myacepayments.com.
  • Calling any ACE store within the same state to make a payment over the phone using a debit card.
  • Calling Customer Service at 1-877-ACE-CASH to make a payment with a debit card.


Contact Customer Service at 1-877-ACE-CASH or COVIDCustomerService@acecashexpress.com for additional assistance.

Stay Protected

Scammers may try to take advantage of you during this time.  The IRS reminds taxpayers that scammers may:

  • Emphasize the words "Stimulus Check" or "Stimulus Payment." The official term is "economic impact payment".
  • Ask the taxpayer to sign over their economic impact payment check to them.
  • Ask by phone, email, text, or social media for verification of personal and/or banking information by saying that the information is needed to receive or speed up their economic impact payment.
  • Suggest that they can get a tax refund or economic impact payment faster by working on the taxpayer's behalf. This scam could be conducted by social media or even in person.
  • Mail the taxpayer a bogus check, perhaps in an odd amount, then tell the taxpayer to call a number or verify information online in order to cash it.


Get the latest information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) on the CDC website.