Cashing a Check at ACE Cash Express

If you’re looking for a check cashing store that offers convenient hours and same-day access to your funds, then visit an ACE Cash Express.1 ACE’s convenient and straightforward process allows you to cash checks ranging from payroll checks to money orders.  Check cashing at ACE is perfect for those who need to cash a check quickly and easily.

How Do I Cash a Check at ACE?

 In most cases, to cash a check at ACE all you need is your check and a valid, government-issued ID. With over 850 ACE Cash Express locations, a store associate is ready to scan your check and begin the verification process. No bank account or credit check is required to cash a check with ACE, allowing you to walk out with cash in hand.1

When Will I Receive the Full Amount of My Check?

One of the biggest benefits of using ACE is how fast you can receive your money. Even for hard-to-cash checks, once your check is verified, you should be able to walk out of the store with the full amount.

Can I Cash This Check?

ACE Cash Express can cash most checks, including the hard-to-cash ones that you may run into trouble with at a grocery store or bank.

These include the following:

  • Payroll checks- These are also known as paychecks, typically given to you by your employer’s payroll division.
  • Personal checks- These are bank checks tied to someone’s bank account.
  • Business checks- These are bank checks tied to a business’ bank account instead of a personal bank account.
  • Income Tax Refund checks- These checks are issued by the IRS if you earn a tax refund when filing your taxes.
  • Government checks- The government issues these checks for services, which may include financial aid, unemployment benefits, or social security.
  • Insurance Settlement checks- These checks are issued by insurance companies whenever you qualify for an insurance payout.
  • Money orders- These are prepaid paper forms of payments for an amount certain.

Other checks, such as a checks made payable to your business, require additional documentation. These requirements vary based on the state and the type of business entity (DBA, corporation, LLC, etc.). Call or visit a local ACE Cash Express location for a complete list of requirements.

Why Choose ACE for Check Cashing?

There are many reasons to choose ACE Cash Express for check cashing. ACE offers you the ability to cash a check without having to open an account, and they also provide a simple process to get your money. ACE makes the check cashing process easier than ever with no credit check requirement and more convenient service hours than traditional banks.

1. Terms and conditions apply. Digital copy of identification may not be accepted. All checks subject to approval.