Sending Money Transfers with ACE: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are many reasons you might need money transfer services. You may need to send money to a loved one living in another country or even nationally. No matter the reason, MoneyGram® money transfers offer a simple and secure way to send money directly to the person who needs it.


In this blog, we’ll show you how to conveniently access MoneyGram® money transfer services at your local ACE store or online. Sending money doesn’t have to be stressful.


Why should I use a money transfer?

When you need to send funds across the country or world, MoneyGram® offers a safe and quick way to transfer your funds.


Here are the benefits of using MoneyGram®:

  • Convenience: Send funds anywhere in America and to over 200 countries worldwide, including China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Philippines, and more.
  • Security: Have confidence that your money will reach the right person.
  • Speed: Many money transfers can be accessed by the recipient minutes after it was sent, while you may have to wait days for a bank transfer to be approved.
  • Simplicity: It’s as easy as walking into your local ACE store.


Most importantly, you are in complete control of the money transfer. You can choose who, how, and when you want to send your money transfer.


How do I send a money transfer?

To send a MoneyGram® money transfer, all you need is the name and address of the person you’re sending the money to. Visit one of the ACE Cash Express MoneyGram® money transfer locations to send money now.


How do I send money online?

You can use online money transfer or bill payment services through the MoneyGram® app or on the MoneyGram® website. Sending money online is quick and can be done through your phone. If you aren’t sure about the process or have any questions, visit an ACE Cash Express store instead. Our staff can help you understand the steps to help with a quick transfer.


Can I send money in-store?

Yes! You can make both national and international money transfers from all ACE Cash Express locations. Bring the items listed above into the store to make your transfer in just minutes. If you have any questions or run into a snag, our staff is on hand to make the process simple and quick.


How do I receive a MoneyGram® money transfer?

Receiving funds through MoneyGram® is just as easy as sending them. Once you are notified a payment was sent, you can visit your local ACE Cash Express store to pick up your cash by providing:

  • Valid photo form of identification.
  • Valid transfer reference number; and
  • Valid phone number


You can find our easy bill payment , money transfers, and money order services at any of our stores.