Affordable, Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

The holidays are usually a rush for even the most prepared planners. Sooner or later, we may all find ourselves faced with having to buy a gift at the last minute. But just because you’re buying something at the last minute doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. There are plenty of affordable holiday gifts that you can snag in the nick of time (depending on shipping times). Here are the best affordable, last-minute gift options:


Holiday Gift Sets

Holiday gift sets are an excellent last-minute option if you’re looking for something to fit your budget. There are endless options of gift sets to choose from, from small holiday mug gift sets to larger “dinner for two” inspired gift baskets for your foodie loving friends. You can tailor your gift set based on the unique interests of your gift recipient, showering them with anything from specialty popcorn to the latest makeup trends.


Charcuterie Boards

The holidays are usually for hosting celebrations. Even if you aren’t planning to host a gathering this holiday season, you can give the gift of a charcuterie board to any family member in your life. This is an easy gift that you can find in many stores, including online, and everyone can make use of it. You can even put your own unique spin on it by buying a charcuterie board shaped like a sled or golf course1 to really make your gift stand out from the crowd. Charcuterie boards are perfect for sharing snacks like cheeses, meats, fruit, and more.


Subscription Boxes

The best part of giving someone a subscription box as a gift is that the subscription service does the work of choosing the perfect items for them. Whether you’re signing up someone for several months of beauty supplies2 or foreign candies,3 they’ll be reminded of your generosity each time they get a delivery. Depending on your budget, you may choose to give a one-time box to a friend rather than paying for an ongoing subscription.


When in doubt about what to buy someone for the holidays, picking up a copy of the latest bestselling novel is a surefire winner. It can be difficult to know someone’s exact taste when it comes to entertainment, but popular books that have become bestsellers usually have a wide appeal that make them a solid gift choice. You can scour the New York Times Bestseller list to find something your recipient might like, or turn to a classic novel you think they’ll enjoy.



Candles are the perfect holiday gift because everyone can enjoy them. Whether you’re infusing the living room with the scent of balsam and cedar on Christmas Eve or looking for something to liven up the home throughout the year, a candle adds a sense of comfort to any home. You can easily find affordable candles online4 or in retail stores.


Throw Blankets and Heated Blankets

Speaking of comfort, nothing warms you up during the cold winter months like a throw blanket or heated blanket. Plush and woven throw blankets complement the style of any room, and you can even find throw blankets for dogs to enjoy!5 If your friend lives in a climate that’s particularly chilly, a heated blanket will keep them warm day and night. While heated blankets are usually bit more expensive than throw blankets, you can still find budget friendly options online.6



Giving chocolate as a gift is an excellent last-minute option. Almost everyone loves chocolate, and you can snag a box of chocolates online or in stores. Explore a unique new brand or even a luxurious chocolatier for options that feel even more special. If you’re short on time and on cash, nothing says “I care about you” like chocolate.


Gift Cards

What do you get for the person who’s impossible to buy for? A gift card is a gift that ensures your recipient will get something they enjoy. You can often pick up cards at discounted ratesduring the holidays, and if you don’t know where they like to shop, you can always give them a Visa Gift Card and give them free rein to choose.7


Holiday Themed Home Goods

Home decorations are always a great gift, and the holidays give us a time to break out that mistletoe centerpiece or special Santa mug. You can find holiday or seasonal decorations at any home goods store during the holidays, and there’s always a range of affordable options to choose from.8,9 Not only is this a good gift when you’re scrambling last minute to bring something to Christmas dinner, but your gift may end up being put right to use!


Buying holiday gifts doesn’t have to break the bank. You can still find affordable options even up till the last minute that will wow whomever you’re giving it to. And if you’re looking to save even more, check out the best time of year to buy what you’re looking for.