Explore the DIY World

Do you have an untouchable wish list due to lack of money?  Well, think again.  Now you can make that list come to life just by developing a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) attitude.  If there is something you want or something you want done, find out how to do it and do it yourself.  Thanks to the Internet, it is easier than ever to accomplish whatever your heart desires.  There are thousands of websites that give step by step instructions on how to create, build, remodel and more.  Here are some DIY sites to check out:

  • diynetwork.com If you like HGTV, you’ll love this DIY website.  Learn from the experts who know home improvement like the back of their hands.  Keep in mind that this site has more to offer than just home improvement.  It’s pretty much your one-stop shop for DIY projects.  Check out projects such as jewelry making, easy-to-make dog toys, making your own soap, turn t-shirts into handy bags, and more.
  • doityourself.com is another top, home improvement and home repair website.  Not only that, it also covers everything from gardening to electronics, painting to personal finance and legal matters, lifestyle to real estate, and much more.
  • ikeahackers.net is a great site with a scary name.  Don’t be fooled though.  This DIY site is all about modifying and repurposing Ikea products, by turning them into your own creation.  You could even pick something up from a garage sale and turn it into your very own masterpiece.
  • earth911.com has all kinds of DIY projects.  Best of all, they are all concentrated on creating an eco-friendly lifestyle.  Check out their projects for home and garden, food, work, health, style, arts and entertainment, and technology.  You’ll have a hard time deciding which one to do first.
  • trashtocouture.com is a fashion site that shows you how to turn wardrobe pieces from old, plain or out of style, into chic, unique, and high fashion must haves.  That pile of clothes you were getting rid of, just became a fun and exciting fashion project.

With all of these wonderful possibilities, you can now stop daydreaming and start day-doing!  Who knows, you may even pick up a new trade and become the next DIY expert.