Attendance Rates of the World's Walt Disney Theme Parks

Attendance Rates of the World's Walt Disney Theme Parks Infographic

This upcoming October marks the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort. To celebrate this major milestone, Disney is planning to launch several new theme park rides, firework spectaculars, and live entertainment over the next 18 months. Visitors at Magic Kingdom Park can experience a ‘Disney Enchantment’ firework show, while EPCOT visitors will be treated to a similar event called ‘Harmonious.’ The iconic Cinderella Castle is getting a royal makeover too, and the highly anticipated ride ‘Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure’ will finally make its debut in EPCOT after a year-long delay.


How many Disney theme parks are there around the world?

Worldwide, there are 12 Disney theme parks across six different Disney resorts. Each of these resorts have distinct castles, rides, and attractions that make them unique. As of 2021, there are Disney owned resorts in Anaheim, Orlando, Hong Kong, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo.


Walt Disney World Resort has made dreams come true for 50+ years for kids and adults alike. To dive into the magic of it all, we’ve ranked every Disney theme park from around the world by their year-long attendance prior to COVID-19.