Unleash Your Creative Potential: How Think Outside the Box

Take advantage of cash-back websites - Websites such as ebates.com and fatwallet.com pay you back a percentage of your purchase just for shopping at your favorite stores from their website. Take your savings a step further by comparing these websites at cashbackaholic.com to see which ones pay back the highest percentage.


Use eBay - You can earn cash by selling things that you have lying around the house AND find some great bargains on eBay. It’s definitely worth checking out.


Buy gifts just for the kids - If you have a large, extended family that you usually buy for, it’ll save you tons of money if you agree to buy just for the kids this year. Your family will be thankful for the suggestion!


Have a Secret Santa Party - Agree to do a Secret Santa with friends or coworkers and you’ll save big by only buying one present instead of gifts for everyone. Set a budget that everyone can agree to.


Make your own presents - If you have a particular skill or talent, use it for presents! Don’t spend money on gifts when you can make something more special yourself.