Creative Ways to Entertain on a Dime

Summer is the perfect time to get together with friends and family for a pool party, BBQ or an outdoor gathering. With these tips, you can throw a grand party on a small budget:


  • When hosting a BBQ, spend less on meat by making kabobs. When you alternate meat with seasonal vegetables, it gives guests a great taste and saves you money at the grocery store.


  • Serve desserts or appetizers only, instead of a main course. You can have a lot of fun with light bites like cheese and crackers or watermelon, and desserts like ice cream or popsicles are perfect for the heat of summer.


  • When it comes to beverages, the price of a party can really go up. To reduce the amount spent on alcohol, serve a signature drink like punch, and encourage guests to bring their own beer or wine.


  • Save on decorations by making your own or using things you already have around the house. For summer parties, try using colorful citrus fruits like lemons to fill clear vases.