Get Ready for the Holidays Without Breaking the Bank

The holidays bring many beloved traditions, cookies, decorations, and festivals, making this season the most beautiful time of the year. No matter what you are celebrating, gift-giving is a special reason to look forward to the holidays. However, with prices rising and budgets tightening, you may be wondering how you will afford your celebrations this year.

Thankfully, there are many ways to prepare for holiday costs. Use the suggestions below to help you with your holiday finances.

3 tricks to afford the holiday season

1. Budget throughout the year

The best way to have cash on hand during the holidays is to save it during the year. In January, create a holiday budget so you know how much you want to spend on gifts in December. Then, divide that total amount by 12 to see how much you will need to save each month to help reach that goal.

2. Find work on the side

There are many ways to earn money outside of your current job. You can become a personal shopper on Instacart or a delivery driver during the nights and weekends. If there are extra shifts available at work, you can take them to increase your income. You can also pursue a hobby or craft, such as making baked goods or small items that you can then sell online or to people in your community.

3. Plan ahead

You can often find the best deals before the holiday season begins. Make a list of the items you want to buy and start shopping for them a few months ahead of time. Compare different stores and brands to see which one offers the best price. Shopping early also allows you to use lay-away or payment plan programs with enough time to pay the full amount before the holidays.

The holidays don’t have to over-stress your budget. Use these ideas to create a holiday experience that everyone can enjoy!