Affordable Easter Basket Ideas for Every Budget

Making an Easter basket is a fun holiday tradition that goes back centuries. Today you have the option to buy a basket in stores for varying prices, but prices can be higher than you expect. If you’re on a budget or looking for a fun DIY project this holiday, here is how you can make your own personalized Easter basket with a sentimental touch.

How To Make Easter Baskets

Decorate cloth bags

Have the kids join in on the fun by decorating their own Easter baskets. By using a blank cloth bag that can be found at the department stores, you’ll cut expenses and allow the kids to add their personal touch with markers and stickers of their choice. A great way to save money for families and give your child an Easter basket that can be kept for years to come.

Egg cartons

An egg carton may seem like a strange choice for an Easter basket, but if you give it a coat of craft paint in Easter colors, you’ll see it come alive. Once the tiny egg slots are filled with loose jellybeans, fake Easter grass, and other holiday treats, you’ll create an overflowing Easter basket that looks picture-perfect.

Woven paper Easter baskets

This is an actual DIY project, but it’s well worth the effort. Follow this tutorial to make a 4”x4”x4” paper basket made from colorful paper. All it takes is a few pieces of paper, a pair of scissors, and some glue. This inexpensive homemade version of an Easter basket is perfect, even for adults.

What To Put into Easter Baskets?

Once the Easter basket has been made, it’s time to fill it with treats and toys, and with these budget tips, it’s a breeze. Before you add the goodies, consider adding some colorful shredded paper or tissue paper from the local dollar store to add a little bit of flair to the basket. Check out these fun ideas for the actual goodies inside the Easter basket.

Buy candy after Valentine’s Day

Although stores stock up on a lot of Easter-themed candy in honor of the holiday, picking up your Easter candy the day after Valentine’s Day is a great way to take advantage of clearance deals. This is a perfect way to get most of your favorite candies without going over budget.

Homemade coupons

The only thing sweeter than candy is receiving special privileges. Making coupons for things like getting out of chores, a trip to the movies, or having a special dinner any night they choose is an excellent alternative to needing to spend money right now.

Scope out the dollar store

Dollar stores are full of inexpensive goodies like stuffed animals, sidewalk chalk, puzzles, bubbles, and other toys young kids will love. One of the keys to shopping at a dollar store for Easter basket ideas is to purchase items in packs instead of buying a single entity. Buying items like Play-doh in a three-pack will allow you to stretch your dollar even further.

How to do an Easter Basket on a Budget

To make an Easter basket on a budget, you’ll first need to make a budget. The best way to build this budget is by gathering the total of your expenses and comparing that with your income. From here, you will then be able to calculate how much is available to spend for the holiday on items like an Easter basket. It is very important to understand your budget before beginning, as it will play a prominent role in choosing the items for your Easter basket.

These homemade personalized Easter baskets are great options to consider if you’re on a tight budget. Or, if you have some room to spare this year, then consider investing in a high-quality wicker basket that you can reuse for years to come to help you save in the future.

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