What Are the Top Personal Finance Podcasts?

What Is Personal Finance?

Personal finance refers to the way that you manage your money, including saving, investing, and spending your income. Personal finance podcasts may discuss meeting your personal financial goals, getting out of debt, or building retirement savings for your future.

Why Is Personal Finance Important?

Personal finance is a crucial focus for anyone looking for financial independence. The more you learn about creating a budget, earning passive income, and choosing a retirement account, the easier it will be to pay off debt or save money.  If you’re looking to become financially independent and set yourself up for success down the line, then you’ll want to check out some of these personal finance podcasts to learn more.

Top 10 Personal Finance Podcasts

1. The Dave Ramsey Show

On this three-hour weekday podcast, Dave Ramsey takes questions from callers and gives actionable tips on personal finance. From getting out of debt to saving and investing for the future, he offers advice that people can often relate to regardless of their current financial status.

2. Women and Money

Suze Orman gives her best advice in these 20–30-minute podcast episodes; she encourages her followers to use their money and to live their most fulfilled life. In her podcast, Orman focuses less on making money and more on educating you on spending habits that can help improve your finances.

3. Optimal Finance Daily

This shorter podcast hosted by Diania Merriam and Dan Weinberg provides 10-minutes of valuable tips for managing your financial life. The hosts focus on the basics of financial literacy. The overall purpose of the podcast is to simplify money management for the average person.

4. Money for the Rest of Us

This 30-minute podcast is led by David Stein, who goes over plenty of aspects of money management to make handling your finances as simple as possible. He teaches skills like how to spend and invest your income while worrying about money as little as possible.

5.  Planet Money

This 15–30-minute podcast from NPR breaks down complicated topics about personal finance and the economy in simple, creative ways.

6. Millennial Investing

Robert Leonard spends 50 minutes in these episodes interviewing entrepreneurs and industry leaders to make finance understandable to a millennial audience.

7. The Side Hustle Show

If you’re looking to embrace your entrepreneurial side, Nick Loper’s 30-minute podcast makes starting a side hustle much easier with actionable and practical advice.

8. Smart Passive Income

This podcast hosted by Pat Flynn is another great personal finance podcast that helps its listeners pursue other means of making money, usually through an online side hustle.

9.  Her Money

 Jean Chatzky’s podcast shows a woman’s perspective of personal finance through discussions on spending, saving, and investing money.

10. Couple Money

In this 20-minute podcast, Elle Martinez tackles couples’ problems discussing and achieving financial goals. Couple Money offers ways couples can work as a team to fight debt and reach financial independence.

Personal finance doesn’t have to be a complicated or stressful topic.  If you check out one or two of these personal finance podcasts, you may learn something you didn’t know about saving or spending for a better life.