What Are the Different Types of Checks?

Receiving a check can be an exciting experience—after all, who doesn’t like getting money?  But while receiving a check may be a blessing, the actual process of cashing the check can be a hassle if you don’t choose the right check cashing option. We’ll go over what types of checks you can cash, how to find a place to cash your check, and more to help you turn your check into cash right when you need it.

What Types of Checks are There?

  • Payroll Checks.  Also known as a paycheck, this check is given to you by your employer’s payroll division.
  • Personal Checks.  This is a check that’s tied to someone’s personal bank account.
  • Business Checks.  This check is linked to a business bank account, rather than a personal bank account.
  • Income Tax Refund Checks.  This check is given to you if you qualify for a tax refund.
  • Government Checks.  This check is written by a government entity and may be provided for things such as financial aid, social security, or unemployment benefits.
  • Insurance Settlement Checks.  This check is given by your insurance company if you qualify for an insurance payment.
  • Money Orders.  This is a prepaid paper form of payment, meaning the cash/check has already been funded.


Where Can I Cash My Check?

Local Banks or Credit Unions

A common place to turn a check into cash is a local bank or credit union. Whether you’re cashing payroll checks, personal checks, or government checks, your bank or credit union may cash it for you, sometimes depending on if you have an account with that establishment.

Grocery Stores

Many grocery stores also offer check cashing services. Depending on the store, these services are typically provided for a fee that varies based on the amount of the check you are cashing.

Check Cashing Services

A check cashing store, like ACE Cash Express, is an easy option to cash almost any type of check.1 All you need to cash a check is a valid, government-issued ID, and you can turn your check into cash immediately. Enjoy the flexibility of longer service hours and being open on Saturday. You’ll also get the benefit of being charged a fee at competitive rate.


How Long Do You Have to Cash a Check?

The length of time in which you must cash a check depends on what type of check it is.  Personal checks, business checks, and payroll checks are often good for up to six months.  However, government checks and money orders usually expire according to your state’s laws, so it’s important to inspect the check when you get it to see when it expires.

Cashing a check is easier than it seems, regardless of whether you belong to a bank or credit union.  Visit our store locator to find an ACE Cash Express check cashing store near you and turn your check into cash today!

Terms and conditions apply. Digital copy of identification may not be accepted. All checks subject to approval.