10 Winter Health Tips to Keep You in Great Spirits

Winter has arrived in most of North America by now and some parts are already experiencing snowfall, windy days and more.  We are also moving along into holiday season when many people ramp up their schedules with more social events, holiday planning and travel.  The average person apparently gains 5-7 pounds over the winter, overspends on the holidays and gets sick more often!  But it really doesn’t have to be that way!  Here are 5 ways to keep fit and healthy in an all rounded fashion! 


Protect yourself!  

This is a general reminder - staying warm, safe and taking precautions for the cold weather are fundamental.  Make sure you are vaccinated against the flu virus early on, and keep healthy by washing hands, which really go a long way in warding off infections. 


Build your resistance! 

By eating healthy, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly, your body maintains good health and is more equipped to fight infections.  Turn down your thermostat and keep the humidity up at home and adopt habits that are healthy and active.


Manage your stress! 

Stress is a normal part of life but managing stress is extremely important. Many Americans experience added stress around the holidays. It sounds ridiculous because the holidays should not take a toll on your health. The best way to stay away from needless stress is by avoiding over-spending and keeping a good life balance.  A positive outlook and prioritizing your schedule are very important! Meditation and exercise help a lot in easing stress. 


Enjoy nature! 

When there are no hazardous conditions, consider venturing outdoors for some recreation. Many studies find that exercising in natural environments increase feelings of well-being and positivity. Make sure you are warm and have all the right gear so as to enjoy the outdoors and make it a great experience! 


Be good to yourself! 

Remember that if you don’t invest in yourself, you won’t be able to achieve your best. Make some important promises to yourself that will enhance your well-being. Saving more can release stress that is related to money matters.  Eating better and sleeping more will give you the gift of better health.  So follow all the steps you can to enrich yourself and your future.  You could take advantage of a health savings account (HSA) that allows you to put savings away now for medical expenses later. Each year you can save $3,050 for yourself ($6,150 for a family) – tax-free. What you don’t use rolls over into the next year, and beyond and grows tax-deferred. Ask your human resources department for more information. 


These tips will help you maintain great balance this winter and at any time. With the holidays not too far away, give yourself and your loved ones invaluable treasures - the gifts of health, safety and happiness!