What Color Cars Get Ticketed the Most

For years - there has been a great debate over what color cars get the most tickets.  If you’re thinking the winner in any such argument must be red then you’d be right.  Well right and wrong.  There are no surveys or studies to prove that red-colored cars magically conjure up an unfair share of traffic tickets or cost owners more in auto insurance.  While some still hold fast to there beliefs, it’s important to discuss what has been proven about colors and how they are used to sell cars. 


Red is the power color It exudes strength, determination and suggests it’s wearer takes no prisoners.  While red could possibly beat up any other hue on the color chart, it does not elicit more ticket writers than its contemporaries.  You would be hard pressed to find one police force, state trooper or radar-gun reader who’d admit to pulling over a disproportionate number of red cars.  Don’t agree?  I figured you wouldn’t, so the great debate continues. 

Silver cars look the cleanest when dirty.  Not that it really matters unless you’re looking to purchase a silver colored car but it does manage to hold its appeal better than others during long bouts of negligence.  If you’re the type to wash and wax your vehicle every week then this little fun fact won’t even register.  As for the r est of us without a clean car fetish, it could make a huge difference; especially during winter’s dipping temps that makes for a ton of car washing whimps.   

White wears the crown for the most popular color in the U.S.  A white car can say two things about the owner.  Conservative comes to mind and perhaps some difficulty coloring outside the lines.  Although they may lack imagination, white car sales account for 17% of all automobiles sold domestically. 

Black cars are gaining in number and status.  Taking second place to white, black colored cars are gaining in popularity in the U.S.  Adding to the allure of a dusky hued automobile, metallic flakes and ultra-dull finishes both prime the pump with regards to increasing the black car craze.  Heat issues in warmer climates verses lighter colored cars may be an issue though. 

Orange cars are seen as engaging and exciting.  Owning an orange vehicle may not only insinuate the driver’s willingness to take chances, it should also remove any doubt.   Whenever I see an orange automobile, I find myself looking through the window for evidence of someone who knows how to party while on the way to having fun, and vice versa.  Conversely, orange is the most controversial color.  People either love the energy it gives off or they pray for it to stop! 

Hot Pink and fuchsia cars are making a statement in China.  Stepping out of the box and into something with whiplash appeal seems to be catching on, even in a communist country.  There appears to be something about the color fuchsia that has the Chinese car buying market tickled pink.  Sorry, but I couldn’t resist the obvious pun. While the debate over what color car gets pulled over the most rages on, that question really seems to get a lot of police officers ticked off.  So ask at your own risk!  And, regardless of the color car you choose, consider getting quality auto insurance at an affordable price.