25 Random Acts of Kindness: Make Someone's Day

February 11 to February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Week. February 17th is the official Random Act of Kindness Day for 2020. Doing a good deed doesn’t have to be expensive or require you to go completely out of your way to make someone’s day brighter.

If you need some ideas for random acts of kindness, we have 25 ways you can spread good vibes to celebrate.

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1.   Insert your coins in someone’s parking meter.

It shouldn’t be hard to find someone who’s parked in a metered spot that’s either out of time or getting close to expiring. A quarter or two could save them from getting a parking ticket.

2.   Buy a movie ticket for the person behind you.

Going to the movie theater to see the latest action movie or comedy can get costly when you add snacks, drinks, and the cost of children’s tickets. Covering the cost of even one ticket could mean a special treat of popcorn or someone feeling more appreciative of the movie experience.

3.   Write a personalized note to someone you’ve meant to thank.

 Let them know how much you appreciate them.

4.   Pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant.

 Ask your server if you can get someone’s check as a random act of kindness. Ask the server not to tell the customer whose check you paid. Just sit back and watch their reaction if you can! Their surprise and delight will bring a smile to your face.

5.   Go to a nursing home and socialize with the elderly.

Whether it’s a game of cards, watching a show, or a simple conversation, you will make someone happy while gaining a new friend.

6.   Donate your gently used clothes and other items.

Select a charitable organization of your choice like The Salvation Army or a local church.

7.   Pay for a stranger’s library fees.

We’ve all been late bringing back a novel we wanted to read. The next time you visit the library, ask the librarian to choose a patron who has late fees and offer to pay it on their behalf. Next time they come in to check out books, they will enjoy a clean slate!

8.   Spend the day doing community service.

 Donate your time to a cause that’s important to you.

9.   Pay for someone’s dry cleaning.

There are just some clothes that we can’t throw in the washer to clean. Make someone’s trip to the dry cleaners a little brighter by paying to clean their “dry clean only” outfit.

10.   Bake some cookies for someone in your life you appreciate.

It could be for your daycare provider, hair stylist, a nurse, teacher, or someone else who makes your life better.

11.   Get someone’s fare on the bus.

As you head out the door, give the driver enough to cover someone else getting on.

12.   Help an elderly person with their groceries.

 Your extra set of arms will make their grocery run easier.

13.   Leave a big tip for your restaurant server.

Particularly if they took good care of you, leave them more than your standard tip.

14.   Make a care package for your local shelter.

 Include items like granola bars, wet wipes, and travel size toiletries.

15.   Donate money towards a cause at the checkout line.

Whether it’s the grocery, department store, or fast food restaurant, say “Yes” next time they ask if you’d like to donate.

As you can see from this list, random acts of kindness don’t require a lot of effort and can be relatively inexpensive. Look for ways to perform small acts daily. Every interaction with someone, including small ones are an opportunity to make a positive impact.

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