9 Fun Ways to Earn Extra Income

If you’re looking to make extra money in your down time, why not so by doing something you enjoy?  Many times, hobbies and interests can serve as a great way to earn some cash.  Check out these unique job ideas to spark your interest:


  1. Secret/Mystery Shopper – If you like to shop or eat out, consider being a mystery shopper. As a mystery shopper, companies will pay consumers to go undercover to provide feedback about their locations’ staff, customer service, and overall experience.
  2. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter – Love being around animals? As a dog walker or pet sitter, this can be a great way to make a couple of extra bucks.  People often go out of town and do not want to board their pets or perhaps they work late and need help walking their dogs.
  3. Photographer – Are you known for the fantastic photos you take?  You could sell your photos to stock agencies, like Shutterstock.com.  Each time your photo is downloaded, you earn 25 cents. You could also work a side job at weddings and other events.
  4. Participate in a Focus Group – Companies are always looking for consumer feedback, why not share yours? An average focus group pays about $100 for 1-2 hours of your time and your opinion.
  5. Be a TV or Movie Extra – If you live in a big city, keep an eye out for movie extra postings.  You could earn anywhere from $50 - $400 a day by being a TV or movie extra. Rates vary depending on the part.
  6. Freelance – Sell your skills. There are a number of freelance jobs posted online for all different types of skillsets.  You can choose the ones that work best for you.
  7. Grocery Shopping for Others – If you already make a weekly trip to the grocery store, why not make a little more money doing so? This is a great service for individuals who are homebound or just don’t have the time to shop for themselves.
  8. Cooking for Cash – Do people tell you that you’re a culinary genius?  If you love to be in the kitchen, you can make money preparing weekly meals for others.
  9. Virtual Assistant – A lot of small businesses are in need of a little extra help.  As a virtual assistant, you could make travel reservations, pay bills, type reports, or pretty much do any kind of administrative work from the comfort of your own home.


Who says making money has to be boring?  See how far your hobbies, skills and interests can take you.