Fifteen Low-Cost Activities to Do with Kids for Spring Break

Spring break is a great time to get some quality family time outside the normal day to day activities. Finding things to do during spring break that won’t break your bank account can seem challenging.

We’ve found tips from mommy bloggers who have been in your shoes and have great spring break ideas that you can do with your kids at a low-cost.

1.  Scavenger Hunts

This activity can be done by just using things you have around the house and won’t require a lot of time to set up. Try this fun idea from Divas With A Purpose! All a scavenger hunt requires is a bunch of random items for your kids to collect in a set amount of time. If you have a safe place to have this activity outside of your home such as a fenced-in backyard, this game can also be played outdoors.

2.  Crafts

Crafting is a great way to bring out the inner artist in your kids while entertaining them for hours! This staycation idea from The Intentional Mom blog requires just crayons, paper, and other materials that you probably already have at home. For Spring Break fun, decide on a few craft ideasand have the supplies ready in a room that can act as their workspace.

3.  Take a Trip to the Library

The Hey Trina blog has a fun, no-cost idea for little ones! Libraries offer books, audiobooks, movies, and events catering to kids. Find out ahead of time what activities might be planned at your local library during spring break. Even if there’s nothing going on, you can still take your kids to the library and spend some quiet time with books and pick out a movie to take home. Plus, you could use the time to enjoy a good book!

4.  Family Game Night

Another fun activity for parents and kids alike is a family game night like this idea from She’s A Wreck. Board games hold everyone’s attention and keep their eyes off screens. If you want to take a fun trip out of the house, find out if your city has a local game café! These fun arcade-style cafés have been growing in popularity in the past few years.

5.  Outdoor Games

Gather up the neighborhood kids and host some outdoor games. This is one of the things to do during spring break that can get the whole family moving. Head outdoors for a game of badminton, cornhole, or wall ball as a group.  Even if you don’t have equipment, there are plenty of fun ways to stay engaged outdoors, including tag and red rover.

6.  Go on a Camping “Trip”

Set up a tent, sleeping bag, and other gear in your backyard, living room, or wherever you have the right space.Blogger Laura Fuentes recommends getting into the spirit of camping by getting outdoors. If you can, seek out a local campground or turn your camping experience into a short getaway by spending the weekend at Grandma’s house.

7.  Head to the Park

Spending some time at your local park is a particularly great option for spring break because it gets everyone off electronics and offers the chance to enjoy the outdoors. The blog Crafted by Christine recommends going to a park that has a lot of options like a playground, trails, or a pond, that will keep you and your kids entertained for hours. If you live in the city, check out an urban playground or man-made water feature.

8.  Explore museums or Other Points of Interest

Many museums are geared towards kids and offer free admission for children under a certain age. If your child has a particular interest in a subject such as dinosaurs, you can help deepen their knowledge.

9.  Go to the Movies

Spring break is a good time to go out to the movies together as a family. Try this idea from Moms ‘N’ Charge! Search for discount movie theaters near you to save money. Even if you don’t have any nearby, most theaters have matinee pricing or even offer discounts on concessions on certain days. You can even find coupons or deals on sites like Groupon to save on movie tickets.

10.  Check Out Your Local Recreation Center

Your local recreation center may offer a slew of activities and classes. Try to find some that align with your kid’s interests. These offerings also tend to be very affordable.

11.  Make a Picnic Playdate

Who doesn’t love a picnic on a nice spring day? Modern Mami suggests packing a lunch (don’t forget dessert) and heading over to a suitable location like the park or the backyard. Bring a few board games, outdoor games, or crafts and enjoy the afternoon.

12.  Take a Day Trip

Have you thought about checking out a nearby town? World in Four Days knows how to make it happen! Find a few activities or points of interest and explore a new city. It’s a cheaper spring break destination that can be just as enjoyable as going on a far-off getaway.

13.  Go to a Local Attraction

Whether it’s the zoo, indoor climbing gym, or a theme park, spend a day at a local attraction. Family Focus Blog suggests visiting your city’s local tourism website. There, you can find great ideas and may even discover discount coupons that you can use.

14.  Bake together

It may get a little messy, but you and your kids will have a blast mixing and pouring together some sweet treats. The big payoff is getting to eat your creation when you are all done.

15.  Learn About Gardening

A fun way to spend time with your kids during spring break is starting a mini greenhouse, like this idea from The Single Mom blog. This can be started indoors as long as you have a plant that can be transferred to a garden when it grows. Your kids will get excited watching the seeds sprout and grow from their hard work.

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